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Developed to Help You Carry Packages Easily

This new, ancient product (yup, new and ancient) has been re-created to allow you to have hands free or otherwise available to answer your phone, take out your keys, carry an umbrella, hold a child or friends hand, wave to someone and generally make life easier for you while you carry two or more bags or other items.

Compact, Sturdy, Indispensable

Tote-It, a sturdy carrier, opens into a 15 inch long carrying device with notches at each end that hang tightly onto bag handles. The shoulder rest area fits comfortably on to any shoulder. Friction holds it in place. Designed to carry bags front to back, it does not block the sidewalk and allows others to pass by easily. Tote-It allows you to use your body strength rather than just your arm strength to carry bundles totaling up to 50 pounds. Most twice-weekly shopping trips weigh in at a great deal less. 

Seriously, Give Yourself A Hand

For thousands of years people have been using a stick to help carry bundles. The classic image of a peasant carrying agricultural products or a milkmaid carrying buckets on either end of a yoke has become ingrained into the universal psyche. 

It’s perfect for a walk home from the grocery store in any urban environment or anywhere you have to carry bags or other items. Tote-It can be used by new mothers and fathers to help carry all the diapers and other accoutrements necessary for even a short trip outside.